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Kern Cardiology Medical Group Medical-Since 1978

Dr. (Sam) Sarabjit Singh, MD. FACC, FSCAI.

Trained both in India and the United States, Dr. Singh started his career in Cardiology in 1978 in Bakersfield after his third year cardiology fellowship with the Los Angeles Heart Institute at St. Vincent Medical Center for cardiac catherization and cardiac post-operative care. In the same year, he founded Kern Cardiology Medical Group Inc. and made Bakersfield his second home. 

With his innovative spirit, Dr. Singh was the first in Bakersfield who had performed coronary angioplasty in 1980 and the first one who had performed Thrombolytic Therapy to break up a blood clot that was causing a patient having a heart attack during a heart attack in 1982. He was also the first to start Coronary Atherectomy to remove plaque. In addition, he was the first regional cardiologist to provide Renal Angioplasty (to relieve a blockage in the main blood vessel to the kidney without having an operation). Furthermore, he has pioneered the regional Endovascular Diseases diagnoses and treatment. He has been a driving force to accelerate the progress towards reducing the deaths of heart diseases in his community. Dr. Singh is a physician-preferred cardiologist for themselves, their best friends, and families. Dr. Singh performs peripheral and carotid interventions as part of the spectrum of interventional cardiology procedures.  He is also an expert in implantation of permanent pacemaker, ICD, CRT, and BiV-ICD. 

Dr. Singh has been the invited lecturer for numerous seminars within the states and a number of them abroad in India (1992), Taiwan (2001), Beijing (1996), Chendu (1999, 2003), and Korla (2005). He had trained cardiologists in interventional procedures in China and India. He had led three teams on mission trips overseas to help the poor.

Additionally, Dr. Singh has been appointed to several leadership roles.  He had served as Director of the CathLab at San Joaquin Community Hospital, at Mercy Hospital, and a short while at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital over two decades. Currently, he serves as Director of Cathlab and Continuing Medical Education (CME) at San Joaquin Community Hospital. 

With countless advances in cardiology, on one hand, Dr. Singh has been providing advanced technology and most effective treatment to his patients. On the other hand, he is fully committed to PREVENTION. Through directing educational programs, Dr. Singh has been training physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses in prevention and treatment of cardiac problems. Through patient educational programs, he has been working with his patients to build up a healthy life style to improve heart conditions and prevent strokes.

Board Certification

American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Cardiovascular Disease
American Board of Interventional Cardiovascular Disease
Pace-maker Implantation
ICD Implantation

Professional Distinctions

Fellow, American Medical Association, 1976-Present
Fellow, American Heart Association, 1976-Present
Fellow, American College of Cardiology, 1985-Present
American Society of Angiography and Interventions (SCAI), 2005- Present
Director, Catherization Laboratory, San Joaquin Community Hospital, 1982- Present
1st Director,  Catherization Laboratory, Mercy Hospital 
Director, Director of Cathlab, San Joaquin Community Hospital, 1980-Present 

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