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Consultation Services

Our most experienced board-certified cardiologists will provide expert insights to the following areas. If you are concerned, please ask your primary doctor to obtain an authorization from your insurance company and fax to our office @ 661-327-7593 or simply call our office @ 661-327-0807, ext 0 to schedule an appointment. If you currently do not have insurance, please call our office directly to schedule your own appointment.

Preventive Cardiology

Cardiac risk factors assessment
Reducing risk factors for heart disease
Preventing a first heart attack
Reducing chances of a recurrent heart attack
Preventing or delaying the need for angioplasty, stent, or bypass surgery
Improving lifestyle and quality of life

Pre-operative Cardiac Evaluation

Assess cardiac risk for patients undergoing major surgical procedures
Comprehensive test results analyses

Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Carotid (neck)
Upper Extremities (hands & arms)
Lower Extremities (feet & legs)
Renal (kidney)

Second Opinions

Comprehensive Analyses
Effective Treatment Plan

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