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Special Clinics & Programs
We have several special programs to assist the community in cardiac patients management and education. You are welcome to call our office at 661-327-0807 for more information.

Accelerated Diagnostic Program (ADP):
We understand heart problems can not afford any delay. We are committed to provide an Accelerated Diagnostic Program to assist primary doctors or patients to reach a diagnose for immediate treatment. For urgent cases, we are able to provide same-day test results.

Heart Failure Clinic:  Our heart failure clinic will help educate you on your condition and improvements that you can gain through diet, exercise and medication. The clinic will also allow you to receive more convenient follow-up care (e.g., by on-line-monitoring, by heart failure nurse, or other means) and it may encourage you to set and meet small goals in changing your lifestyle and prevent hospitalization.

Healthy Diet Patient Education Programs: Our doctors are committed to working with other doctors and patients to improve the quality of life and quality of healthcare in the central valley. Dr. Singh also provides training for hospitalists, primary doctors, and NPs/PAs with CME credits. Please check back for our announcement regularly.

Pacemaker Clinic: As a service to our patients who have pacemakers or ICDs, we provide a Bi-weekly pacemaker/ICD clinic by scheduled appointment. Pacemaker checks occur a few times a year. During these visits, the pacemaker's functions and battery level are checked. If needed, your pacemaker's settings can also be adjusted. This helps fine-tune the signals so the pacemaker is always doing its best job.

Pacemaker Guidelines
There are a few things to keep in mind with a pacemaker. Always carry your pacemaker ID card. Get regular checkups. Most machines and devices will NOT interfere with your pacemaker. It is safe to use a microwave oven, computer, radio and television. Hair dryers, electric blankets and most power tools are okay too.

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