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Dear Referring Doctor & staff,

Thank you for referring your patients to us for consult, surgical clearance, testing, or procedures. We accept most major insurance. We also provide services to patients who do not currently have any insurance on a cash base.

We recognize that patients with potential cardiac conditions can not wait. We are committed to provide round-the-clock cardiology services and schedule the patients as priority. If you would like to discuss a case or wish to get a STAT appointment for any of the services, please call us at 661-327-0807 to speak to our physicians.

If you are requesting a simple EKG testing, please send the patients in with your orders. No appointments are needed for EKG. We will send the reports back to you upon completion of the tests. Our fax No: 661-327-7593.

You may also complete the form below to request any services we provide. 

You may also download a complete the Physician Referral Form by clicking this button:   


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Fax: 661-327-7593


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